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About Our Company


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UJIN PHARMACHEM is a partnership firm managed by progressive, young, dynamic and foresighted management, sophisticated infrastructure and stewardship visionary. MR. UMANG MEHTA & MR. JINESH SHETH, are the partners of the company. Ujin pharmachem enjoys leadership in the field of IMPORTS, SUPPLY, MARKETING & EXPORTS OF ORGANIC & INORGANIC CHEMICALS, ALIPHETIC & AROMATIC SOLVENTS, INTERMEDIATES, BULK DRUGS, DYES & CHEMICALS, ACRYLATES, POLYMERS, & MONOMERS & Also ALL TYPES OF VITAMINS, BULK DRUGS, ANTIBIOTICS, INTERMEDIATES AND OTHER PHARMACEUTICAL RAW MATERIALS & PRODUCTS.

Ujin realized that its company's future lies in providing consistent and superior quality products to customers and coping up with the current market trend. Our art of modern sophisticated infrastructure enables us to upgrade & customize our products which enables us to provide quality service.


Customer service is our mission and customer satisfaction is our goal. We have been providing services for more than a decade and the experience we have gained gives us confidence to understand our customer's needs.